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Past Staff

Joe Matera

Founder / Former National Director

Before the vision of FCA Surf began surfing has long played an important role in the life Joe Matera who was intent on “sharing the stoke” of riding a wave!  Since catching his first wave in the early 70's surfing has positively influenced his lifestyle, forming friendships from around the globe.

“The board-sports of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding were a great influence to me as a teen and still reside in my being.  God has used these sports in amazing ways in my life”.

Joe committed his life to the Lord and saw surfers as people who were already deeply in love with God’s creation. Through surfing and having a relationship with God people can change their lives and community.

Surfing for over 40 years Joe was a Certified Master Surfing Instructor and Certified SUP Instructor associated with the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association (NSSIA).  Married 17 years to Laura, they have three daughters who enjoy surfing.

Joe had been in full time ministry since 1998.  Joe went to be with the Lord in 2013 but his ministry and impact lives on.  To learn more about Joe's life, faith and battle with cancer visit Yo Soy José.



Mariel has an energetic personality that will make you smile, even at 7 in the morning.

As a proficient surfer she can help you with your balance and confidence in the surf. If you want to be good friends with her just be prepared to share your snacks at lunch and enjoy a laugh with her.

When Mariel isn't on the beach she's traveling for lacrosse or getting ready for her new college career.

Stevens Institute of Technology and my major is business and technology with a focus in information systems.



Jake's a Californian attending UCLA. He is here this summer with the Ocean City CRU Project. He works as a math and SAT tutor back home—patient and encouraging with all his students. Jake loves everything about the outdoors, especially the oceanand is excited to spend so much time in the water with the surf campers this summer. Jake is incredibly outgoing, and jazzed to spend the summer in God's creation.



TJ is a New Jersey native who has a strong passion for filmmaking, surfing, and Jesus Christ. He graduated from Drexel University in the spring of 2010 with a degree in Film and Video. After the summer he moved to the Southern California and is make a go in the film business.

TJ attended FCA meetings at his high school but this will be his first time working with the organization. He is excited to begin working and can’t wait to see what the summer has in store for him!

Update: TJ has shot pro surfer video for Cobian sandals and Walking On Water in CA and joined us in the Domincan Republic over Easter break 2012. TJ came back as an instructor for the summer.



Brittany is a " New Jersey surfer girl" who graduated  in sound design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. This is her 3nd summer with us. Surfing and skateboarding are two of her passions including writing her own music, playing guitar and drumming. Brittany especially enjoys being in the ocean and teaching her students how to surf!

When you see her with a movie camera this summer try to look natural and you may become a star in one of her next movies.Her desire is to start a Christan film production company.

Update: Brittany has worked lately on the TV programs Sesame Street, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.



David came back to visit  us last August, which is making a lot of people happy! David was on staff for two summers.

David is a student at Califormia Polytechnic State University, studing to become a teacher. He is a northern Calfornia native, played water polo in high school and now plays volleyball for Cal Poly. He is invloved at his school campus in Campus Crusade For Christ.

Most everybody likes his laid-back and easy going appraoch to surfing instruction. If something is missing from your lunch box, just look for David.



Chris is from Santa Cruz, CA and he attends UCLA. He's part of the Campus Crusade Ocean City NJ Project this summer. Besides surfing, Chris is into soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, and mixed martial arts.

Update: Chris is moving on to serve internationally this summer.


Camper Services

Summer 2010: Jamie got married in July 2011 and will not be avilable to work with us this summer. You may see her stopping by surf camp to visit this summer. We are especially excited for Jamie and Doug!

Jamie is really excited about spending this summer at one of her favorite places – the beach – and doing one of her favorite things – investing in people.  During the year, she is a high school English teacher who really loves her job.  With the plus of having summers off, the past few years have allowed Jamie to travel to new places, meet new people, and develop new passions in her life. 

Working for FCA this summer will be her next, fun adventure!  Jamie loves Jesus, giggling with her crazy niece, writing, and having spontaneous dance parties just about anywhere. 


Instructor & Missions

Ryan has been a great help with our surf camps for awhile now. He's a radical guy and he knows the benefit of practicing and he's a great teacher and coach!

Ryan leads our 609 Surf  club in Margate NJ and runs the summer surf mission trip to Panama.

We have deep appreciation for all of our former staff and volunteers over the years. If you're one and would like to update your news just let us know!

Not Shown: Dan, Ryan, Chris, Daniel, Kelly, Phil, Paul A. Paul B. & Rob

Photo: Doug, Jake, Tarin, Chris, Lowell & Eric