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Code of Ethics

A Surfer's Code of Ethics

Every sport has rules that are guidleines to make the sport more enjoyable for all invloved.

Your surfing experience and for other surfers in the water with you can be enhanced if everyone looks out for each other in our tribe.

Here are good ways to go about surfing; written by highly respected professional surfers.

Remember and apply these ethics every time you go for a surf! You will be stoked that you did.


Surfrider Foundation's - The Surfer's Code

Respect the beach, ocean and others

The surfer closest to the peak has the right of way

First to his or her feet has priority

Stay out of the way of riders on waves

If in doubt, don't paddle out

Be aware of currents, jetties and other surfers

Hold on to your board

Clean up after yourself and others less thoughtful

Always aid another surfer in trouble

Share the water, your knowledge and your stoke

Give Respect To Gain Respect

A Surfer's Code by Shaun Tomson - from the book "Surfer's Code"

I Will Never Turn My Back on the Ocean

I Will Paddle Around the Impact Zone

I Will Take the Drop with Commitment

I Will Never Fight a Rip Tide

I Will Paddle Back Out

I Will Watch Out for Other Surfers

There Will Always Be Another Wave

I Will Always Ride into Shore

I Will Pass Along My Stoke

I Will Catch a Wave Every Day
 (even in my mind)

I Will Honor the Sport of Kings

Nat Young's Code of Ethics - Give Respect To Gain Respect

1. Right of Way: Furthest inside, closest to the peak.

2. Do Not: Drop in or Snake.

3. Paddling Out: Paddle Wide. Caught inside stay in the white water.

4. Remember to Communicate: First to feet or on the wave. Call Communicate (Left or Right)

5. Always: Surf with Your Ability. No big waves until ready. Take off  with commitment. Paddle hard.

6. Danger: Do not let go of your board, it's a danger to others.