Nothing is better than the camaraderie of surfing!

It’s awesome to go surfing with your friends. From the humble beginnings of our surfing roots, surfers got together and formed surfriding clubs; some of which still exist today!

FCA Surfing Clubs have that same kind of pioneering spirit and they organize and meet on your school campus or at the beach. Meet for prayer, fellowship and for the love of surfing!

Surfers that are enrolled in Middle School, High School and in College can start their own FCA Surf Club that will be officially recognized as an organized club. Much like our FCA Huddles that meet on campus, these surf clubs are student initiated and led while meeting on or off campus for sport specific fellowship while reaching out to friends and other surfers.

Leadership training, surf camps and liability insurance are some of the resources included with chartering an FCA Surf Club in your community. Contact us for more information to start an FCA Surf Club in your school.

If you are interested please contact Laura Matera at