It is our desire to serve the community and we understand that not everyone has the financial resources to send their kids to camp especially during these economic times. FCA SURF is a Non-Profit Organization and we do our best to work with those families who really need help.

Our scholarship funds are limited, so we ask that you please do everything that you can to raise money on your own for the enrollment fee. We strongly suggest raising half the amount.

If you have received a scholarship already in the past, we ask that these scholarships be reserved for first timers so that we may serve more that are in need. That way in the future you can prepare for next years camp costs. Thank you for your understanding.

In order to request a scholarship, please download and print this form and send it to the FCA SURF. All the information is on the pdf form.

Download Scholarship PDF Form

Give Scholarship?

Your financial support is vital to our scholarship program. Would you be willing to invest in the life of a kid and be in support of the childs parents? Your donation is a great help to our community and we appreciate your heart and glad giving! All gifts large and small, will go directly to the scholarship program -100% !

We thank you so much for your support.

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