Camp Safety

We take safety very seriously at our surf camps. Lifeguards monitor most of the beaches where we surf each day. If you have concerns about this please contact us as lifeguards and conditions vary in each city that we have camp.Students must know how to swim, we do not teach swimming.

All students are required to wear bright rashguards that we lend so they are easily visible and identifiable with the group while surfing. The student to counselor ratio in the water is a maximum of 5 students per counselor. Our surf instructors are certified in CPR, very strong swimmers/surfers and have years of ocean experience. All beginners use high quality beginner boards and surf in shallow water. Each individual student is assigned to a group of students and to one counselor. That counselor is responsible for supervising their group for the day and for the duration of the camp. Please call us with any concerns.

Enrollment is first come first serve basis.

Surfing Equipment Needed

The ocean in the summertime is usually warm enough to simply wear a bathing suit with a rashguard. However in early summer water temperatures can be quite cool or drop in temperature unexpectedly.

We highly recommend that you bring a wetsuit if possible. A springsuit usually works the best for maximum comfort. Wetsuits are found at surf shops and they are a great investment. We do have a very limited supply of wetsuits that you can use at no additional cost as long as we have your size. The use of a beginner surfboard is also included in the cost of camp. Our surfboards are beginner boards that are great for learning. If you are a beginner you may bring your own board as long as it is soft. If you bring a more advanced surfboard such as fiberglass or epoxy and it has a pointed nose, please attach a rubber nose guard called a Diamond Tip made by SurfCo Hawaii, found at all surf shops.If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer please feel free to bring your own surfboard and a leash. We are not responsible if your surfboard is damaged at camp.

Student Requirements

Students must be able to endure a highly vigorous physical workout that involves swimming and must have respect for the power of the ocean, be in good health and willing to obey instructors and lifeguards at all times. All Students must know how to swim and will be given a swimming test. We do not teach swimming.

For safety; please make sure that finger nails and toe nails are trimmed. Every effort will be made for safety in and out of the water.

FCA reserves the right to cancel the camp due to severe weather & waves, lightning or other conditions.


Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal sports schedules. Because of our commitment to students, staff & volunteers and because of limited space there will be absolutely no refunds within 30 days of the first day of your camp. In the case of a medical emergency a signed doctor’s note will be required and one half of your camp tuition will be refunded. We do not have make-up days for missed camp days. If you have any questions regarding our cancellation policy, please call the camp office.


The weather at the beach is always changing. If it is raining we are having camp.

We reserve the right to cancel the camp due to severe weather and waves, lightning or other dangerous conditions. Lightning usually passes by quickly in the summer. If there is lightning in the morning while you are getting ready for camp we recommend checking an on-line weather website; look at local radar to see if and when the lighting and storm is going to pass. In most cases we start camp 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning or sound of thunder. If there is lightning or thunder during camp the lifeguards require us to leave the beach immediately. We do not refund or have make-up days due to weather cancellations. In the past nine years we cancelled only two days.

What To Bring Checklist

  • A healthy lunch & plenty of water (for day camps) please avoid soda and energy drinks
  • Girls – modest swimsuit appropriate for surfing, one-piece is preferred
  • Boys – cotton is rotten, wearing underwear will cause rashes. We recommend that you invest in good board shorts and Lycra shorts/Jammers.
  • T-shirt & hat
  • Flip-flops
  • Towel
  • Waterproof non-migrating 30 SPF Sunscreen.ZINC-please do not bring brightly colored or neon Zinc as the color dyes cause damage our rashguards and wetsuits.
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack with your name on it